I call it week-end

As all, I wait forward to the last two days of the week, a good option to save from the daily routine, which almost always; it’s horribly boring. Talking of Tirana, during these days you barely find any people walking the streets. They all leave to the beach or the mountain, depends on weather and season.

There is also that category of people, who’s work keeps them stucked in their offices or workplaces. Of course, they enjoy the idea and maybe the atractions of the capital. As time goes fast, even our lifestyle has improved quite well. It is fairly enough to say that the richer you are, the more advantages you have, but, considering this, even with little expenses you could pass a good time.

Actually, between Saturday and Sunday I’d always choose the latter. The city is quiet, the streets are clean, especially after a rain shower. You enjoy a coffee in the subburns accompanied with the breathtaking views of the artificial lake and its surroundings, or you choose to drink it somewhere when you can smell the fresh fragrance of just-grinded coffee beans. It’s up to you! In this season, I’d fancy spend an evening tasting a glass of red wine,  covered with a blanket near a fully-heated bar.

Whether to the beach or above the Dajti mountain, the perfect weekend for me would be sharing time and love with my beloved ones, my wonderful boyfriend or family and trying to forget the reality once in a while.


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