Mushrooms soup

This is a great recipe for food lovers and especially for those who don’t have time  stucking themselves in kitchen for hours. I cook it everytime I want to taste something delicious and warm during cold winter days.  It is very easy to cook, and the ingredients for 4 persons are as following:

300-400g mushrooms

1 red onion

3tbs flour

1l broth

400ml milk

1 clove garlic

salt, pepper and muscat nut


In a deep pan fry the onion after having chopped it in small pieces. Add the mushrooms right when you see that the onion is already in her golden colour. Merge and let them fry for a few minutes. When cooked, mushrooms lose water and as a consequence lose their volume, so it is very easy to understand if are done or not. We add flour and merge again, in order to avoid the granulation of it and then we pour the broth. Let it boil in light fire and 10 minutes before turning the oven off, we start pouring the milk. Fix with salt, pepper and gratted muscat nutmeg. If gratted in the moment, the smell feels more. Let it boil even for a while until it looks like soft cream, and voila; the soup is ready! Bon appetit!


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