Usually, I never talk about experiences or places I visit. Moreover, rarely my friends see any picture of me going there doing that. But I cannot stay silent when talking about Amsterdam. I stayed for a  week, and it wasn’t enough. Actually, for me I would spend a lifetime there. With its kilometres of canals, brick bridges, old churches and 17th-century architecture, Amsterdam it’s not just a photographer’s paradise, everyone remains stunned of the magnifique views.

After watching the movie The fault in our Stars based on John Green novel, which made cry a river,  I took my boyfriend and enjoyed every single narrow and landmark of Amsterdam.

Of course, our trip wouldn’t be complete without exploring the museum of  the Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh, which is home to more than 1000 of the artist’s paintings,  drawings and letters. Or, paying homage to the most famous Jewish  little girl, Anne Frank, who made history with her diary and see the place (the queue was extra long there, I suggest booking in advance) where she and her family hid in from the Nazis.

Anyway, to not write any further, I’m planning another trip during spring  because I really regret waking up and not smelling the tulips, stretching out in colourful stripes across miles of lowland fields between Harleem and Leiden.

Until then, see you on my next blog.

 Love, Eduin.


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