My Love Story.



Yesterday I wrote something about being grateful. My boyfriend is one of the most precious gifts life made me. This day was supposed to be our first Valentine but .. we live far from each-other. To me, this day is just another day because we celebrate Valentine every day of our life by sharing emotions and expressing how much we mean to one another.

When I first saw my handsome boy, I never thought I would be in a relationship with him and more.. to fall in love with him like crazy.

We met in a bar, we had some common friends and they did me a surprise by inviting me without telling who was going to be there. We sat next to each – other and he was a very comfortable person(he still is) , used to laugh a lot and had the gift of making people feel relaxed next to him. We started to hang out more together with our friends until one day when he invited me to have a ride with him. For one moment, our hands touched and I felt like I had butterflies all over my body not only in my stomach lol. That was the moment I realized we will never be apart. He took me to a place with a breathtaking view and gave me the first kiss. I was trembling. Now that I think again, I don’t know what took my breath away,whether the view or the kiss but I’m pretty sure it was the latter.

Anyway, from that moment till now we are still together, and I hope to be for many many years. We have been through a lot together, we’ve seen each-other struggling, fighting(we’re still fighting) and what’s more important we’ve loved one another to the moon. Actually, we are planning to create our own family and this is our best decision by far. I can’t wait to be his children’s mom, and to give him everything in this life. To not forget, we have done a lot of trips, having an awesome time together, he has completed all of my desires even my stupid ones and he still tries to do his best. He has blessed me with his love and every night I thank God for putting him in my way.

He is the only road I want to ride and the only destination I want to reach.

Without him my life is incomplete, at times when he’s not around I feel like I don’t have any more desire to move on, I stop fighting and I start crying. There’s no worse feeling than having someone in your heart and not having him in your arms. He is everything beautiful I have in my life, my precious treasure, my sunshine, fountain of smiles, tears and hope.

All the notebooks of the world wouldn’t be enough to express how much he means to me, and how proud I am to have him by my side.

I know that more than our love story I wrote about my feelings but as I feel a little bit lonely today surrounded by too much love around, I couldn’t avoid it. By and large, Happy Valentines everyone, and try to make Valentine each day of your lifes. When there’s true love, every day is a festive day!

Lots of love, Eduin.


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