How many trips did you make in 2016?


Hi everyone!

I was thinking about my last year experiences and I was counting the trips I did around Europe(to see to do about all over the world 😀 ).

I did a lot actually, and this is firstly related to the fact that I’m happily taken and same as me, my boyfriend loves travelling. So, we didn’t think twice.

TBH, I enjoyed more travelling by car. Although far distances, you have the chance of sight-seeing and taking a lot of photographs. The trips we made in 2016 were the following:

  1. Tirana – Milan(Italy)  Alitalia
  2. Milan – Genoa(Italy) by car
  3. Genoa – Central Italy until we arrived in Salerno, all road made by car. We loved the breath-taking views and scenery of the famous Tuscan and Florence.


  1. Salerno – Bari(Italy) from Bari we took the ferry GNV to Durres(Albania) because we wanted to rejoice the smell of sea and the fresh…

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